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Wines with characters

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Des Vins de CaractÈre.


Wines with Characters.

The Brand

An international Brand

Francois montand

The major markets are:

  • Germany
  • Mediterranean region
  • Spain
  • France
  • Italy
  • Turkey
  • The Republic of Belarus
  • The Czech Republic
  • The Slovak Republic
  • Holland
  • French Overseas Departments and Territories
  • India
  • Hongkong and Macao
  • Japon
  • China (started from 2012)


Wine-making process

J.Jencquel & cie is made with grapes from selected plots of vines grown with the greatest respect for the integrity of the soiland the environment.

The wine-making process is traditional, conducted in stainless-steel vats by the professional team in its own winery, where the grapes are transferred by gravity to preserve all their natural qualities.
The maceration period is long to extract the colour and the best of the fruity qualities of the grapes.



Vins de Bordeaux Selection

Grands Vins de Bordeaux Selection


Download Presentation of J.Jencquel & Cie in english (POS included)

Download Presentation of J.Jencquel & Cie in chinese (POS included)

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